Survey Shows Physicians Divided Over Presidential Race

As the Election Day approaches, the physicians in US look divided about supporting the two candidates, just like other citizens, as per Great American Physician Survey conducted by Physicians Practice, the leading business magazine in America for doctors. This study of attitude of physicians on different subjects, which also includes politics, finds that in federal and state elections below presidential level, the physicians support Democrats by a narrow margin of 41-38%, with around one out of five physicians still not sure.

The Great American Physician Survey, which is presently in its 4th year, gauges opinions of physicians on policy and politics, focuses on their personal lives and careers, and then measures their satisfaction profession wise. The survey amongst 866 different physicians was conducted during a period of 4 months, which started in January.

The survey also documents the preferences and changing professional lives of U.S. physicians, which is going away from any kind of private-practise and towards employment, especially employment in hospitals. An accurate 42% of the respondents said this year that they are hired either by a hospital or any similar institution, which is an increase of 11% compared to a similar survey conducted back in 2009.

Around 29%, which is the least ever, said that they either own or are partners at one of the private practises. Physicians today are nervous about their futures and what frustrates them even more is that they can not do much about the changes that are occurring. Around 45% believe that the physicians that mostly work for primary care, will be easily replaced by nurses or nonphysician practitioners in next 5 years.

The full result of Great American Physician Survey can be seen at Physicians Practice. Offering online capabilities and integrated print capabilities, Physicians Practice offers award-winning advice on practice-management to over 150,000 physicians and their administrators all throughout the US.

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