Paul Ryan Says US Needs a Turnaround

Paul Ryan, the vice presidential candidate, tried to capture the campaign’s spotlight by embracing “the calling of my generation” in order to lead the nation in rough times. He also pledged that he would be sheering delegates of Republican National Convention and audience of a prime time TV that Romney will not hesitate to take more difficult and bolder decisions that are needed to reform the country’s current economy.

The forty two year old lawmaker from Wisconsin stated, in what looked more like a national debut that, after a runaround of 4 years now US was in need of a turnaround, and the man who could get the job done was none other than the Governor Romney. He made this statement at a convention that was dogged mostly by Tropical Storm Isaac, which is downgraded because of a hurricane but is still imposing misery on many more along the northern end of the Gulf Coast. Ryan also added that together they would not duck on the difficult issues but would rather lead from the front.

His speech came across as a partial attack on President Obama, partial testimony to the Presidential candidate Romney, all of this leavened by nothing else but a tribute to his own mother who was seating across in one of the VIP boxes. He stated that even today his mother continued to be his role model, following which she beamed and did not shy from exchanging smiles with Ryan as delegates continued to cheer.

For Democrats and President Obama he said that they are out of any more ideas today and their time came and got over and that today they only have division and fear left with them. Earlier, the spotlight of the convention shone on a particular parade of different politicians who were seen extolling experience of Mitt Romney.

Tim Pawlenty, the former governor of Minnesota, referred to Barack Obama as tattoo president. He went on to explain the convention that, just like a tattoo, it first seemed to be very cool but later you didn’t find the decision as a smart one and asked yourself about what were you thinking. Worst of all was that you all would have to explain all of it to your future kids. This statement was seen as an integral part of the bigger criticism of failure of the current President to make more job opportunities and extend a helping hand to middle class.

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