Iran Nuclear Program Remains in US Election Focus

Nuclear program of Iran has been facing challenges by 4 different administrations of U.S. The issue about the nuclear program has been a big point of discussion for both presidential candidates. On one hand, Mitt Romney, the Republican Challenger, openly criticises Obama for being way too soft and on the other hand, Obama’s administration disputes the claim by saying that those international sanctions enforced on the government of Iran were primarily initiated by Washington. The former Governor of Massachusetts and the current Republican challenger says that President Obama did not take enough steps to make sure Iran does not develop its own nuclear weapon.

Mitt said that one of the biggest challenges of all times had been the fact that Iran always believed that the current administration was not strong enough and they sensed weakness where they should have faced the American strength.

During the final debate the President defended his take by saying that as long as he was the President of U.S. Iran would not be able to develop nuclear weapon and he said that he made this point very clear when he took the office. He elaborated that after he joined the office they made some strong sanctions and coalitions ever against Iran that were now smothering their economy. He said that the currency of Iran had dropped 80% and their oil production had touched the lows seen twenty years back when they were fighting a war with Iraq, which means their economy was in ruins.

The challenger, on the other hand thinks that there is more that the administration should do about this. He said that when he comes in power he would take more diplomatic efforts of isolation and would assure Ahmadinejad of being indicted under convention of genocide. Mitt said that he would also assure that the diplomats of Iran would be treated like outsiders globally.

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