Cisco Zeroes-in on Connecting to the Automotive World

Your mobile phone, your office, and your home are well connected, but what about your vehicle? One of the globe’s largest auto manufacturers is now connected to world’s leading computer networking group.

Bill Reinert, Advanced Technology Manager at Toyota on Wednesday displayed an electric vehicle, which you will never get to drive, meaning that the vehicle isn’t meant to be sold, but is developed purely for experimental purposes. Toyota’s division, Scion has built an iQ EV, which is a concept car intended to try out technologies for the upcoming generation of connected vehicles.

Gordon Feller, Director of Urban Innovation at Cisco, said that not just tablets or smartphone, but everything that we are going to use in our life will be internet enabled. It is on the cards and connected car is the next big trend in mobility. Cisco is conducting an invitation-only conference with Toyota in San Francisco. The networking giant wants to work with every automaker that develops innovative vehicles as smart and elegant as everything else. Gordon Feller said the vehicle knows through the mobiles and who’s getting into the vehicle.

Executives who attended the high-profile conference held on Wed agree that it is just the beginning; most of the technologies are same used for navigation and safety features and few more addition of the features could end up covering the way for entire city full of vehicles that drive themselves.

Google has already demonstrated the concept of the driverless automotive; but Bill Reinert hopes that introducing that technology to the current market will be a lot easier job, if networking companies and automakers start working together. With both companies guidelines and support, making the city roads ready for the technology isn’t that difficult, he explains. Having the poppers for such things that are not present now but they are coming in future. In future, there won’t be a necessity to tear up the city streets and no one has to reconfigure the regions to include new technologies.

Few auto manufacturers have invented vehicles that park themselves and also communicate with each other, sharing the same technology to avoid accidents or crashes. However, a fully driverless car to arrive at the road will take minimum of ten years. In the meantime, connected cities will have other advantages, such as networks have sensors in the parking space or roadway that the internet can inform when your time comes to park the vehicle.

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